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Community Guides


 Child Abuse  Awareness                              33rd Annual Crime Prevention Guide, Child Abuse Awareness Guide

 Cannabis Awareness                                   32nd Annual Crime Prevention Guide, Cannabis Awareness Guide

 Mental Health Awareness

31st Annual Crime Prevention Guide, Mental Health Awareness

 Prescription Drug Awareness

30th Annual Crime Prevention Guide, Prescription Drug Awareness 

DUI Awareness

29th Annual Crime Prevention Guide, DUI Awareness - Impaired driving is still the leading cause of criminal death in Canada, call 911 if you think someone is driving impaired.  This is an emergency and you could save lives. 

 Domestic Terrorism Awareness

28th Annual Crime Prevention Guide, Domestic Terrorism Awareness.

 Family Violence Awareness

27th Annual Crime Prevention Guide, Family Violence Awareness.

 Suicide Prevention

26th Annual Crime Prevention Guide Suicide Prevention

 Children's Internet Safety

25th Annual Crime Prevention Guide Children's Internet Safety



Over the last 20 years, our guides have dealt with many issues from Child Pornography, On-line Predators, and Bullying, to name just a few. This 20th Anniversary edition will re-visit some of these important issues to remind the public of the serious problems that are still present in our society. As parents, we do what we can to reduce the risks to our children from these issues they may face today.

 Drinking and Driving

The 2009 Community Guide focuses on Drinking and Driving. This subject is a very serious matter in our communities. As a police officer, I have seen my share of accidents involving alcohol, in which, many serious injuries or deaths have occurred. Going to a home to tell loved ones that their son or daughter has just been killed in an accident that was caused by drinking and driving isn't easy and to see the emotions on the faces of parents is overwhelming.

 Elder Abuse